Sunday, May 24, 2009

LenNeth Lim birThdaY

as usual working day's .
having a meeting on that day while celebrate
lenneth lim birthday too ..
ordered a cake from his uncle shop .
chocolate cake ..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sHorT update ..

well , that's been a long time i have never update my blog .
but just have a little time ..
these few days , no i mean Mmm .. these few month bzying
with my stuff ..
my appointment was full =.='
every monday untill sun ..
working , at night done my stuff with my colleagues ..
aiiks ?? tired le ..
hopefully next month will be more better ...
well , to be update soon ...
wait for my incoming post ..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wow Day

WOW day !! started on 30th april 09 ..
success with being a caring person .
but having some breakdown .
lets started with here ..
well , pepitorian is bringing a group of orphanage children
from taman megah petaling jaya went to zoo negara .
bringing a group of children with responsible is hard man ..
1 person need 3 kids to be with ..
oppss !! ngeks .. heemmm ..
i meet a little girl who name tamilarasi , she's good ..
i like her very much ..
a girl who i never ever meet that so obedience who hear what i said ..
she was a caring and a lovely girl that i meet b4 ...
hey !! a little girl only ... who cares you and hear what u said that
you are not somebody of her ..
so ... appreciate really ...
and she care of my healthy man !! gosh ... know what she ask me ?
' sis have u been eaten ? why u haven't eat ? '
that day really a busy day till every of the PLC never eat .
so ... >.<
well , playing with the children zzz ...
ya .. its enjoy .. but its tired ...
lets start with the picturezz ... =]