Monday, May 30, 2011

new update !

the very last off day for me on this month - monday !

start on june all my off day will be on wed !

duhh !! due to the new staff ~ no choice im the senior need to arrange it ! sadnyerrrrr

so lame lo this few days ! so tired and full of stress !

and so i going for a pedicure
jeng jeng jeng !!! coloring with flower art ! hahahaha

its make my day added 0%-50% !! yeaa .. another 50% gone is because of my day off passed

too fast dy ~ awhhh i dowan !

lazy working ... =(

28th may 2011 - night time

its mash coming back frm sgpore. me and baby gang come out for a chill/yumcha at caffeiness

at pandan indah roundabout.

not bad enviroment. kinda love it ... having some little beer and shisha with baby wormzy~

wooolalala i choke myslef with shisha man ! so stupid ! hahaha

picture of the day ~

thank you for the picture mr kenny !

to be update more soon ~~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bloggie update !

hi there peepsss !!!
nwdays was a quite busy day for me even working,leisure ect.
er! lets starts from this past sun night attend a wedding dinner of a newie husband and wife
alan&shirley ! **claps** congratzz both of u.
the good things is everyone can get in together (gathering) even just a little time of night.

2nd : well i have plans some trip for my in-coming month of june !
yeahh ! is coming soon ..
to shen zhen and hong kie ! oopsss! not is hong kong ! i will make sure shop till i drop ! haha
by the way ~ what should i buy for souvenir ???
cnt wait for june . honestly i've been so tired of working dy ! i need some rest and a break and a
very good trip ! duhh !!
can imagine that everyday need to work and back home sleep rotate again the same thing...
less entertainment , gonna die soon ...
till here peoples! will be update soon! just after watch showdown on 8tv and now gona bath soon and going for my plan vs zombie with my baby wormzy !! hhahahaha ...