Tuesday, April 28, 2009


need a perfect life ?
i'm not the one who get it ...
my life is just sucks like shit ...
everything's gone difficultly day by day ...
what had happen to me ?
i'm doing the best of the best that i can afford to do .
but why no one will appreciate it ??
always said's that there's some problem on you ...
( no right no wrong ) i'm just telling you ..
trying to improve or change ??
okay !! i'm telling you people's i'm trying hard being the goodest !
but when i'm being the goodest ,
no one will aware and hear what i'm going to do now !!
everything just you people's said ??
what about me >> ?
do you people care of my feeling's ???
know what i need/want ??
i'm not a silent or a bisu , secret or what eva that don't want
to said it out is just because i said it out is just like nothing , improvement
or what eva crap that you people's really can't understand me !!
pls STOP judge me kay !!!
i had my own personal ... and i'm not weird !!!
PLS PLS PLS ... !!
if you people's not appreaciate what i'm giving you the goodest ?
and you people's just saying that i'm not giving you the best ?
PLS dont call me as your friend !!
i'm emo enough ... plz ..
don't just judge/comment people ..
mirror yourself ...

conclusion : i really don't know what had happen to me.
maybe i'm really not the goodest that what u people saw.
i love the people who i had now .. T.T

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jungle Tracking

jungle tracking on the of day of monday .
went to kuala kubu baharu .
having breakfast 1st ofcourse ..
on the journey for the jungle tracking is challenging .
oh god i hit my leg damn much when going down the mountain .
sigh ! actually not only me .
many of them also . get eat blood by the insect who call's
( san ngai ) oppss !! so digusted man ..
luckily got salt . if not ... yuccckkss !!!
going there for the water fall ... wow. ... so cold ..
but its nice ... ngeks ..
well , lets have a looks with my pictures ...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2nd Outing To Port Dickson

thats the 2nd outing for the pepitorian .
went to port dickson .
well , nothing to describe ..
went to pd get an really unexpected experience .
haha . but not bad la .
let pic do my talks ... ngeks .. =p

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

They Hots !!!

today was my un-paid leave .
just spent my time for the stupid driving courses 6 hour at nilai .
but went there just 3 hour ++ .
and i went home after the 3 hour break ,
by myself ! suck man !
went home at 1pm but reach home around 2 ++ .
sigh ! i'm freaky tired man .
feeling not well somemore ..
and now im infront of the computer, update my blogzz .
check mail , and act .
saw some cool mtv that i've been not see before .
but just hear bout they songs only .
whats so cool ??
its pussycat dolls ...
wow !! they are hottsss wer ...
love the hottest from they . ngeks .
lets check it out ...
by the way i'm gonna train myself for my coming test now..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its Monday working days .

wake up damn early in the morning 6.30 .
preparing myself going for charity at taman megah .
aiiks . quite tired , have not been rest before .
well, im online right now ..
nothing else , im gonna working afterword !!!
sigh , is my off days man ...
but its okay , do you guys know why ?
can earn more money wad .
to be continue ....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Felicia 21st Birthday anniversary !!!

felicia 21st birthday . celebrate by pepitorianz .
a special suprise for her .
well , there's a cake who special made at australian cakehouse .
breast chocolate cake .. hahaz .
the 1st places chilling at pepitozzz .
after been awhile , were going to sang-ria ??
er ? forget what name is that .
have our tea section .
well lets picture do my talks ...