Saturday, January 31, 2009

Its 31st of Jan 09

its working today , as usual woke up at 9 .
preparing myself for work .
not very in mood today . for some reasons .
but will be better if i done it better .
after wormie sent me and lenneth near pudu there .
because i need meet my family for dinner .
the restoran sek yuen .
again , my comment for the restoran . bad service .
its because aunty done things .
very simply . just want fast . sigh !!
enjoying my food !! and went home around 10 .
and now i'm on infront the computer blogging .
need to bath and relaxing now .

the ' lou sang ' dish .

The 4th Day's Of CNY

the last days for me to relaxing for the last chinese new year .
went out with my old house friends .
with them play together when i was ages ago till now .
its been a very long time ago i dint meet them up .
finally we have a chance on this chinese new year to meet up .
went out on afternoon . down to green box for
singing . yea !!
that's many people on that day . luckily we have a booking .
hehe . so we enjoying !! chilling !! .
and had our dinner at gasoline .
wow !! bad man !!
gasoline one day by one day become worst then worst .
thats not my idea . haha . my friends said that she want to have dinner at
there . no choice .
around 9 went home . and went to my friends house .
thats nearby my house too .
went and see my friend son . name loon .
awh ! so cute . feeling like want to bite his baby face .
hehe . oh course la . baby ma .
and playing majong at there . actually i don't know how to play .
but they teach me . OMG !! i was totally stupid man !!
dont know how to play and lose many time .
aiiks ? the first time ma .
luckily dint have gamble , if not ... haha .
around 11++ went home .
enjoy my bath and sleep like pig . haha .
some random picture .

ruby and me

ankie ( ruby younger sis ) and me

ankie and ruby sons .

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its Shopping Day . CNY Eve .

well , have been long time never hang out and shop .
because i'm working .
sigh ! working ma . need to earn more money .
had never rest for 2 weeks .
just the whole day working and after my working back home
and sleep . its kinda boring actually .
well , it's today ! yea ! shopping and shopping ! went out with emily and
joanne to pavillion .
meet them later . going out around 11 .
meet emily first . having breakfast at u-village .
after that meet sweetie ann . at pavillion .
thought that want buy some new cloth for chinese new year .
but just bought a dress at MNG . black colour cloth again .
and then bought something at gucci , lancome , skin food
sigh . not enough actually . still want to buy perfume .
but that day i had really spent too much for skin care product .
haha . after shop for 3++ then went to eat at shangai tang with ann .
after been chill at there went home for dinner .
some random pictures . ^^

Friday, January 23, 2009

Working Life

its been a long time i had never updated my blog .
haha . finally i have some little time to update .
well , my job was kinda o k a y s .
just every day woke up early in the morning 9 or 8 .
preparing myself go for work .
my colleague was nice . i mean not bad .
well , having a meeting that day . wow !
so scary . but actually its okays.
playing all around the cake of a birthday boy that day .
which name rick . haha . first day meet the first day they play till
all the floor dirty . its because the cake was fall down .
knew why ?? they keep pushing up the birthday boy head down .
awh ! crazy man .
making imbi staff need to clean up the floor .
and mop up the floor .
as usual working and went home .
nothing special . but today ,
me wormie and alvin went for dinner at delicious at duo apartment
which near klcc . well , there was quite nice .
but a bit expensive . haha .
after been chill awhile then wormie sent me home .
mm .. so got to go now . sleep .
need working tomorrow . and meet up venus and lenneth them ,
the pepito team eat breakfast . huh ! its 8am i need to wake up. my gosh !
so see ya ! will be update soon . ^^

Photo Updated

i'm not wearing the " .. " me and anthony .

koren and me .

some picture from my friends camera .
graduation snips day .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Started Working

well u guess what ? started working at saloon .
my new job for hairdressing .
i have been start it on wed 14 . nothing special .
just can earn more money again ! yea !
need to preparing myself now .
go to work . no much time to play blog .
but will update when i'll be free . hehe .
take care my friends .

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snips Graduated Hair Show .

while on the way traffic to hang tuah .

the noodles . it's mine .

eating with friends .

messy situation of my academy .

the hair style made by me .

im the stylist , she's the model .

in-complete hair style .

on stage bun that i need to be done .

the models of student on stage ( 7 models )

the guy from left hand is others group .

the situations after hair show . ( eat )

my model and the make up artist .

the models .



advance upstyle and the down picture is A team upstyle .

its snips graduated hair show !
all of the snips students are compulsory to join the show .
like what i wrote my latest blog that i have a meeting of a hair show .
yea ! there its is . finally , here it comes . haha
started on 5 jan ,
woke up early preparing myself went back to academy .

prepare hair for model/show . keep think think and think .
me and my friends go here go there find shop to buy fake hair .
wow ! it's must be crazy . ya ! found it . near hang tuah .
have been going there 2 times . sigh !
back to academy again . around 10 went home .
have done nothing .
because can't make what the hair style that i need.

6 jan , the second day before the hair show.
woke up around 8 , went to academy again.
do this do that , yes !! finally mission complete.
back home at 9++.
that time i was so tired and bath , eat and went to sleep.

it's hair show day ! 7 jan 09 .
woke up in the super early morning , 6am .

argh ! i was so tired man .
preparing myself and out home going to sgwang .

meet my model and rehearsal at there .
have been waiting so long for my turn .

aiiks . finish at 10++ .
back to academy and preparing for tonight shows .

make up for model , upstyle , eat and ect .
yahoo !! its done . start show at 6.45 .
going to sgwang back stage prepare waiting for my turn .
that time i was very scare that i can't make it .
its 7 people only on stage . included me .
need to upstlye at stage . my group (talent student graduated).
other's model@stylist just need cat walk that no need present on stage.
wow ! scary man .

just me and my 6 friends . how could it be ? haha .
very nervous that time . at last , i could make it . only 3 second .
the 3 bun to clip and to cut the tail bun hair .
awh ! can't believe that i'm the fastest
person .
haha . that's really unbelieveable .

yes yes and yes the show is keep going .
there's advance show , classic show , curly show , the A team show ,
talent student graduated show and the last is gaving the cert .
huh ! wearing the ( " ) cloth is very big and hot !
no choice . it's graduate show . need to wear .
after the show all of the student went back to academy and
take picture. after chilling and chit chit chat , everybodys went home.
yea ! the hair show is running smoothly .
that was really tired for this rushing 3 days to done a show .
now my leg feeling like broke . awhh ! gosh .
need to sleep now . standing for 3 days w/o sit man !!
go to go , here are the picture for the show of graduated snips show .
still got alots of picture at friends camera .
will be upload as soon as possible .

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Its 2009 .

yea ! 2008 is over and a brand new 2009 is here .
hope it's goin to be a perfect year for me .
starting on 1st jan 09 .
not going anywhere . but going out for a drink at night
with max , rox zann and emily .
going SS2 to have our drink's at leo's cafe .
but seems like nothing to drink so we decided to
go mamak . chilling , chit chit and chat around .
there was very hot , till sweating . awh !
gosh ! can't stand anymore and going other place again .
decide went to have dessert near leisure mall .
but nothing attractive us so we are going to station one opposite leisure mall .
that was totally boring ! nothing else to do .
so we play card . awh ! after crazying with the card and them .
went home around 11++ .
bath and sleep . din't have any picture for today , because my camera
is on my bb darling .

2nd of january 2009 .
wake up early and preparing myself out with my mum , elder bro .
going to petaling street accompany my mum
walk around . that's nothing special .
having our branch at nam heong chicken rice .
quite okay .
after been awhile , i went back to academy and settle my
things for the coming hair show .
and meet emily and rox zann at sgwang .
accompany them eat at pavillion , nandos again .
and walk around .
rox zann not joining us because she's date her mum .
nothing to be done , me and emily going to esprite cafe have our drinks .
yucks ! the drinks that emily drinks is just like bathing soap .
lemon drinks . and luckily i drink hot caramel coffee .
thought that caramel is sweet enough .
but i'm not very like .
and the chocolate cake was bad man !
not delicious .
it's okay for the first time . haha .
relaxing there and waiting my bb darling after work .
and went home . going my bb darling house take car and went out again .
me and bb darling going to eat at jln imbi .
the yummy noodles .
after having the dinner/supper . back home .
sleep . no picture for the day . lazy and moody to have picture .