Wednesday, January 20, 2010


well, peeps .. im back to my bloggie ...
Refresh back to my past day ... went out with very long time friends ting(emily) for shopping. almost 1an a year never went out with her already .
bought 2 clothes which almost the same =.='
Sure got something diffrent make the choices i buy the other 1 .
Anddd... those day meet up my darling ... like usual ..
went to watch a movie SHERLOCK HOLMES ... with ex-colleagues.
and ... the bad news that i am still jobless... GOSH !!! useless me !! ~.~'
should be add more concern on this .

Furhhh ~~ ... and today went out to sgwang area to DONE my stuff....
Ehmm, well my broadband had been cut and about two month had never pay. all is the STUPID staff over there who always said (sys error) , until i cant make payment everytime when i drop by. So i need to settle it ..IF not .. no celcom broadband for me . celcom broadband is SUCKS.
darling is encouraging so... i had no choice... IF not ... cut off the line and not celcom CUT my line.
Huhh !!!
second , went for a payment again ... ~ my cell phone payment...GOSH !! its 200 bucks ler..
when mr (A) come and settle the payment ??? =.=' Fai dit fai dit larr ~ ~
anyway ~ ~
went to gurdian to grab some facial product ~ =] and for sure ... the first time i buy BB cream .
really curious why peoples like BB cream so much...
and i buy it for a trial (not bought from guardian) . HEY !! not cheap ok ... ~~
shift !! ~ ok .. dats all for today .
pixxie pixxie for BB cream ~ ~ ..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

well yeah ~ came back to my blogspot again ~
nothing much ~ and like usually im at H O M E* ,still looking for a jobbies and thinking what
would be better in my future. ( a big sigh~ ) where have i been in this few days ago ??
went out with my excolleagues to midvalley for night shopping ~ =.=' cant get anything .
A n d the next day sure out with my beloved . F i n ally get some stuff .. not animore ~
my darling have no OFF day ~ Gosh ~ fuuhhhh .. alright , CNY is coming soon .. it might a bit busssy day for my darling .
tHe days of nwdays really bad i had saw ~ the H u m a N would like to bombed people church with just One of the words ( A xxxx ) makes everything become worst . the reality of a human being,
the authenticity of a people, the behavior, and many many things that they are doing some kind of bad stuff in behind.. and some of selfishness and some of the kind. Really cant expect that what would happen and why do HUMAN whould become like this. mayb its all about money, all about what u had , the benifits ... huh !!!
Thats all i wana says...
and SHut ThE pc and FART off u guys/Peoples who i do not Even kNow yOu !!! PLZ dont add me on facebook kay !!! being nearest with me ?? FART off you with what question ?? ( izzit u from kl ) . Thats is NON OF YOUR BUISNESS !!!! plz ~ behave .i am not single and not available.
what ever u peoples wana said bout me bad or what [ lan c ] . Go ahead ...
this is who i am and what i am now . Thanks for the viewing ...
E N D of story ~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6 JANUARY 2010 - wednesday night ~ eve

Ziken birthday ~ the actual date is 7 january but we are celebrating his birthday on 6 january night~
Went to DELICIOUS at jalan tun razak beside the DUO apartment.
the same gang ~ Well , here is the picture of the birthday boy~~**h A P P y b i R t H d A y*

4 JANUARY 2010 - monday

Okays ~ lets started with the day of monday ~
went out with darling for a movie avatar , good . Not bad ~
after movie and dinner and W E N T home . That movie need 3 hour ?? !! gosh !
my bud is pain as well , well what u know bout me ?? my ass is no meat kay. COZ i am thin enough !!
=.=' Thats all ~ ~

Friday, January 1, 2010

Solaris TENJI on 01012010

wake up quite early in the morning preparing to hartamas TENJI~
Meet up Suan babe and his boyfriend.
Having our vEry FirSt New YeAr branch ~ ngeks ngeks ^^
and we makan makan until FULL . So misses the salmon fish with the wasabi sauce. (its me and my darling favorite). Got salmon sure will take manyak manyak de. kekeke ~
its a G r e a t day with my darling .

LoVe YoOouuu darling ~ ~ ~

New Year Eve **

New year EVE ~ yuuuhhhuuu ~
a brand New Year 2010 is coming, and not 2009 anymore ~ =]
The same people, alan,shirley,joyee,ziken,nara(botak),paul,bonebone,hel,jerrycheah,me and my darling.
going through a brand NEW YEAR 2010 countdown at The Curve** chink chink**
N O T H I N G to desribe actaully. Reach there not long and having dinner with darling at ikea.
and yum cha at the curve. =.='' .
Tot any special places to be going but end up ask them for going somewhere, but they just wanted to drink only. =.=' NO GOOD lor... my darling and me straight away boring. Well, What a new year EVE.. ~ ~