Tuesday, August 17, 2010

o p e r a n i g h t

o p e r a night with my colleagues celebrating dave 26th birthday ...
having our dinner at garden ?? emm.. forget whats the places..
located nearby our working places...
well, that day was a bored day ~ guess wad ? its sunday .. no one will be going to club
around the day and the time...
and theres no people execpt the workers over there ? plus the DJ ..

not having fun actually , but since nothing to do so me and baby ~ dance like stupid ~
drink drunk talk around, crazy.. ~ =.=''
no one are around beside us , but ... not all ... still got some little tiny people are there...
haha ... damn ! we all are like fully book the opera man ! gosh !
upstairs downstairs.... top of the roof ... very super little people...
well , thats all for the opera night ... nice to meet up cindy there . happy to see her werh ~ keke
=p . its time for pic...
dave the birthday boy ~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

u p d a t e s

u p d a t e s ~ u p d a t e s ~
my high waiste pantsss zz ... and a white teezzz =)
past few days went to club and pub ~ to OPERA at sunway and the next day went to
S K Y B A R ~ yeahhh ~ sky bar was quite nice places...love the enviroment .
picture was taken ... but too little and not satiesfied ~ well , gets older so ...
ehemm ..
will be update soon ~ O P E R A on this comming weeks ... wait for my pixxieee ~ =p