Sunday, February 21, 2010

its girls generation again ~ yea !!!
well , Yoona ~ yes !! is yoona , i think she is the most prefect girl in the group. Er, i mean she dance is ROCKS man !!! i love the way she dance . Sexy, smooth ... ect ~ thats nice .
she is sweet huh ? =]

and this is the dance version . A video from them when they practice ??? tehehe ...
girls generation oh !
(some yoona picture)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Have a great day with my baby biie ~
where have i been in this few days ?? Lin chor 1 and 2 stay at home . And lin chor 3 and 4 spend a great day with my darling . =]
had been going quite many places . I just like to spending my time with you, baby . Besides that today went for a movie with baby, 72 tenants of prosperity , everyone says nice .

But ok only =.=' .
Nothing much ~ just took some little picture with baby .
tradisional cheong sam match with darling ~ couple cloth ,wuuuhhoooo !! =]
hehe . nice ... Love This !!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

and happy valentine day everyone ~

Today ! 12.27am lin chor yat ~ and now i am sitting here blogging ! =.=
fireworks around my house keeps bing bing bong bong ~
just after calling my darling for wishing him and his mum too ~
chinese new year, should be happy with it.. but im quite unhappy ~
im started to be with u my baby biie since last year of march ~
can said i am sad cuz v r not celebrating valentine day , earlier or ect ~
not dare to think any suprise ~ or any dinner ~
know biie is busying with working ... because cny ~ or ect .
understand me because is the first valentine v are not celebrating~
forgive me that im feel sad of it ~
baby told me that thought of having dinner with me on wed . But since there are some
obstacle, so cancel .
really dont know about it until today i went shop with my baby ...
its alright ~
like what baby said to me ~ EVERYDAY IS A VALENTINE DAY .
i just want to let u know , I am very happy to be with u . there's nothing else.
Coz i love you .
Forgive me that little tiny things ~ and forgive that un-mature me .
i know i am care enough ~ cuz caring is sharing ~ i need to share .
cuz u are my beloved ~ IF NOT YOU THEN WHO ???
i wants to being together with u ~ Cuz i really Do love u more more and more ~
Baby ~ again s ~ HAPPY VALENTINE and Happy chinese new year .
Hugs tight !!

your Loved ~ ginsz ~

Friday, February 12, 2010

12/02/2010 - FRIDAY

CNY IS ON SUNDAY !!! tomorrow was LIN30 , woooo~~

Haha, finally i get a heels from charles keith ~ xD
all i need to thanks is my baby biie , my mum , and the partime job at PEPITO .
tehehe ~ but got a quite ' hor sik ' announcement to TELL u guys , well .. pepito no longer at imbi. Today was the last day, They was MOVE to other places, carefour shah alam. Err...more
detail about the location i'm not very sure but just know inside carefour .
Huh ! well , what a memorable places for me but was moving to other places ~ well ,
thats sad huh ~
Cant make hair do anymore ~ shah alam too far for me . although my baby can help me but no mechine !! hw hw ?? =.='

Alright ~ going to piss off my blog right now ~ =] Happy CNY !!!
(can't wait for tomorrow shopping with my darling) wooooohhoooo !!!
actually acompany my darling shop ~ but not me ~ =p


Sunday, February 7, 2010

My wHole bOdy is sO pAin nOw !!! ~.~'

a N d m y N e C k ... w H A t h a P P e N ?? s i g h ~ ~

M a y b T H E woRld wAr for Two D A Y S ?? =p

and My stomAtch is pain ~ thats all because my 2nd mum Visit ... AWH ~ ~

A LL plus togeTher = Pain + w e a k + tired + no mood to eat

Well , tHat dAy mY beloved DarLing gaved me MYR 300.00

bEcauSe i Had no MoNe Y already ~ =( im sOrrY baby biie ~

u s E l e ss me ~ Baby thAnk yOu so Mu ch ~

L O V E ♥ y O u D a r L i n g ~

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cinema time ~ that's been quite long time never watch movie with my darling already ...
finally today , there's a chance... alotza movie that we havent watch , and we choosed BLACK RANSOM ... not bad ...
Feeeling so good because its been a time nv watch at cinema .. hehe .. But i hurt my leg after the movie on cinema .... =..( totally change my mood that time... feel so bad !
the very first time i pk in cinema. Not only that ... i pk twice infront of my darling !! =(
the first time is when my baby hse warming and the second~~sigh ! so sad !! damn careless me...
alright, back to the topic... guess wad ?? i wanted to watch 'ALL'S WELL END'S WELL TOO 2O1O' ~ every year of cny sure got new Chapter of the movie... and now ' Fa Tin hei Si' is coming soon on cinema .... 11 feb ... =) sure damn many people watch it . =.='
(ends of crap)
and im gona ready for a real world war in pepito hair studio tomoro ! for almost TWO days. =]
so... ciaoz peeps.

and this is the trailer of ALL'S WELL END'S WELL TOO 2010.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girls Generation - Oh !

New songs from girls generation ~ yuuuuhhuuuu ~ actually had been see this mv . But now only post it . =] i think i more prefer the gee version . And their hairstyle ~ walao eh ~ ~ so bao ... hahahaha .... by the way .. they love colourfull ? yes/no ? the mv of 'gee' and this mv 'oh' so colourful ... =.=' ... anyway ... enjoy ~ ~

Im back ~

Fuhh.. had been neglected my blog almost 2 weeks .
well, CNY is in the coner . its FEBRUARY now , agains with valentine day. wooow....
i had bought some things to put on my wardrobe , but its not enough for me =p
4 to 5 dress , a jeans , and a cheong sam to match my baby biie on CNY, but no high heels . =( no new shoes for CNY . Sadnyer ~ but that day i bought a so call slipper/sandals at Charles and Keith with baby.
Mm..its okies... Mayb after cny ?? still can wear old high heels ... =]
But what for valentine ??? Its a day OF cny , EVE . Everyone is going to eat 'Tuin yuin fan'. So whats the plan ?? i told baby biie that this year valentine day is on CNY and baby biie says to me. Baby, everydays is a valentine day. Mmm.. i think theres no plan for us ~ tot of celebrating earlier ... but .. dont know . let it be as usual .... =]
alright ~ i been going to work partime at pepitohairstudio, just 3 days to find some little tiny pocket money. =]
on last sun,My baby biie is having a house warming~ so many people on that day ... dizzy ... (pic is was on my fb) it was nice ...
and so now i am here sitting down infront of lappie . Felt very tired ~ just came back from bkt bintang area to SETTLE something .
Yeapps ~~ our deshoppiefashion is clearing stocks ... went to send some stuff to our buyers.
total 10pcs of cloth... woooooohooooo~ ok ma... =] hee...
and besides that sure find my baby biie... miss him deeply deeply.... hugs ! tehehe
well well well, going to rest right now and i am STUPID tired now ! soooo....... goodbye !