Wednesday, November 24, 2010

P R E T T Y good !

keep remind me to have a brand new day~
H A P P Y ~
what makes me feel nice? its shopping ! every ladies and girls will also like it as well.
drop off to kl sgwang,farenheit,pavillion myself alone~ =)

1st destination
bought something nice at sgwang that baby love it ~ a long dress, for me sure not for him..
haha .
like what baby always ask me to buy and wear... **

2nd destination
farenheit bought 2 leggings at uniqlo and i like uniqlo enviroment...
its feel good and their staff are good enough...for the very first experience for me to uniqlo.
and i bought 2 hair rubber band that cost rm50 ! why huh ??? but i likey it...but not for next time! its too expensive ... quality is good enough ~
walk along and saw many things that wanted to buy but can't ! its beause i need to control
myself of the crazyness shopaholic.

3rd destination
KL pavillion, bought a new bag for me. for my working bag and can take it as shopping.
its condsidering me quite long that i should buy it or not...
but finally i buy it !

alright that all for my shopping ....
wait till christmas is comming soon ... =)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

back from penang ~ wow .. feel sick ..
picture was take at penang inside the feri butden at car . =)
rest for almost 5dAYS. its all my lazyness of working. ..
nothing much went for a trip as 'EAT' more den rest .
so i almost get sick that time.
why? cuz penang is more on to the spicy food...goreng goreng food...
such as chow kueh teow , laksa, ho jean, ect ...
but still remind me the cendol . wooo....nice... actually it was ok only..
its beacuse penang is damn hot temp. so its nice when the hot weather having a cold cendol.
till here. lazy to blog...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

hey ~ oh hi there .
just some updates here.. last monday went out tgether with old school mates.
jo jo ann and liza lim , back to old school and have our memorable favorite tom yam soup noodles.
haha finally ... had almost 3 year never went back dy. Still very delicious...
and now i am here blogging alone. baby is not here with me .
its okay .im fine .. but i am damn sad because my bb got some problem man !!!
awwhhh.....damn it !
what happen huh ???? all is just beacuse of my stupid hand / itchy hand go and remove and
install songs . and so now ....
all gone ... and no sound ! godddd man ! awwhhhh.... baby baby need your help...\
come back fast fast... xp by the way ... i love u baby worm.
huggieeesss u...
and here... the pess tom yam !

Monday, November 1, 2010

d e s s e r t again !

sunday night went to have a night dessert with baby at sunway giza again ~
hahaha ~ u see it ? i love dessert wer... the second time went there.
and my lovely is more on to the second time dessert that is the following picture down there.
wooo....yummy ...