Friday, December 26, 2008

TwentySix Of Dec .

me and emily making mask




our dish

olive cafe

yesterday night cnt sleep . out with emily and mei yee
at old town drink the tea .
the tea really greats , make till i cannot sleep till 2 midnight
only sleep . wow ! wake up at 5 . because cnt sleep again .
open my computer and on9 .
till 8 preparing myself go emily house for facial . haha .
went out around 9.45 . reach emily house at 10 ++ .
making mask together . haha .
yea ! done at 12 . wait emily preparing herself and
going out again . that time the weather was so hot .
so we call public cab .
wait for 10 minute and call again the cab .
the answer that the service they give is now we dint have
any cab . wow ! sucks man ! they should call back , once dint have any cab .
but they are not . so argh !! never mind .
so we walk till outside and take .
finally , get it .
going to pavillion . actually is going for starhill .
accompany emily interview .
after that we went to have our branch at nandos and walk around .
as usual i bought something again . m.a.c cosmetic .
went to forever 21 outside the olive cafe .
chill around and order some cake to eat .
not bad , quite nice .
and then we went to klcc .
after been awhile at there we went home .
taking public cab again .
that's idiot ! every cab also said traffic jam .
malaysia is like that wad .
what to do ? make aeroplane cab la . sure no traffic .
but got accident . haha .
yea ! finally went home . bath , eat , and ect .
picture's time !

Thursday, December 25, 2008

25th Dec 08 , Christmas .

the x'mas cake with smarties . not tasty .

old town nasi lemak rendang . yummies .

emily , busying the laptop .

mei yee

both of them are busying the laptop .

me and emily

emily and mei yee .

woke up at 12.30 , because i'm tired , last night went out for x'mas eve .
so a bit of lazy piggie . at home chilling around .
eat , watch movies , hear songs , and ect .
eating the x'mas cake's .
my brother bought it . awh ! not yummies !
and around 6 went out have a drink with my friends ,
as usual emily , and her friend mei yee .
mei yee's amy friends .
amy is my friends when i was form 3 . but now
we dint have contact again .
haha . busying with my own life .
very suprise when saw her .
went to old town tmn midah .
order the nice dish at there , nasi lemak rendang .
and old town milk tea . hehe .
eat and chit chit chat chat .
plays nonsens things , an IQ question . haha .
thats what you guess ? my IQ is zero !
cnt get what they mean . awhh !! thats pig man !
en , about 10 both of us are tired and go back home .
nothing else . here are some random picture .

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Genting with family .

at bakery's outdoors

my favorite strawberry . hehe

the yummies strawberry tart and esprit raspberry .

first world , haha like games world .

the dish at genting palace . busy eating forget take picture .

at coffee terrance nearby bakery's

my second sis and my elder bro .

me and my second sis .

its today's day !
going genting highland with my family .
preparing around 3pm out from house .
it's a special day . "goh tung" day .
every family does celebrate it .
reach there about 4pm .
walk around first world and then having a tea time at
genting hotel bakery's .
yea ! of course the delicious strawberry tart and a esprit
raspberry drinks .
sitting outdoors . that time was so cold and the weather are not
very good . its raining , but not heavily . haha .
and then having our dinner at genting palace .
wow ! i was so full . there are many delicious dish .
nonstop eat . haha .
wondering that i'll be fat . but its is impossible .
cuz i wont fat at all . haha .
that's stupid man !
hen , after finish all food , we walk around again .
because we were very full full and full .
about 9 went back home .
that time was traffic on the half way goin back .
cuz have some accident .
a van crash . and a car too . but don't know what happen actuali .
and smoothly past by the traffic jam . and traffic jam again in the middle
nearby my house . sigh !
the goodest things now is me and my family safetly at home !! yea ! haha .
here are some today's picture .

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our date's

shangai tang .

me and joann dish . ( seafood cheese )

geok ching and liza

me and joann

saturday , around 11 preparing myself goin out .
eating branch with my family at wisma lim foo yung .
the yummy's ( dim sum ) hehe .
thats been a long time i had never out with my family .
hem , the restoran service was bad .
need to call 3 times only serve .
god ! gone to be faint down .
no choice . that's what we call malaysian , ma(lazy)ian
after having my branch with my family
the next date's is with joann and geok ching .
find them around 2pm at times square .
actuali our date was around 1pm but i'm late . haha .
so sorry my friends ya . they are having shopping .
i walk with them a while at sgwang then i find my bb darling and accompany him
having his lunch at pavillion food court .
call and meet up geok ching and joann again .
having a shopping with them .
bought a new dress at pavillion ( forever 21 ) .
after a few hour we went to eat at shangai tang with liza .
liza i knew since i was form 3 . haha .
chilling out together , talks , chit chit and chat chat .
after that they meet their friends and i find my bb darling awhile
and take taxi went home .
here are some picture for saturday .

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meeting's .

wake up in the early morning at 8.30am , friday .
preparing myself going back to academy ( snips saloon )
for a meeting of coming graduated students of snips
hair show .
as usual mr.ray our director of snips gaving a speech
to us about the hair show and bla bla bla .
yup ! settle . everyone is compulsory to join the hair show of course .
sigh ! need to find model again for the show .
that's hard man . over 168cm ??
slim , and pretty ??
okays . thats enough . headache !
well , after meeting went out to eat with my friends .
at the same place . sushi station .
after a hour chilling with them , went to pavillion meet up
my bb darling . hehe .
and went to bank to done somethings .
sucks ! the bank is wasting my time .
keep waiting my turn and the answer that she gave
is ' im so sorry , your account have some problem '
that time i was in rush .
gosh ! need to settle it when i'll be free again .
ya , the next step is going to
jabatan pengangkutan jalan malaysia
( sekolah memandu )
ask about the driving lesson courses .
sigh ! this driving lesson is making me mad enough !
it's a long story . huh !
finally , nothing at all for today . i'll be crazy !

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First day's on blog .

the first day's and first time of writting and posting a blog
that i had never ever try before .
haha . so lame .
well , just drop by here and said hie to everyone who
view or past by my blog .
i'm new on blogspot . just trying to share my daily life to everyone .
a blog for me is just like a diary .
hope you guys and girls enjoy .
here are some pictures to start my blog .