Monday, March 21, 2011

Sick cat of the year !

hi peeps ! im back frm bloggie.
well,i can describe myself as a SICK CAT OF THE YEAR ! choi !!!
why huh ? started frm jan i sick for 1 weeks untill feb is my lucky day.
till now MARCH !! the 1st week i sick and getting better and im sick for now the 3rd week!! god ! fml man ! what happen ?? im so ill man !
can i get a healthy lifestyle instead of this fcking illness ????
not much ! i only can blame myself of late sleep,all the spicy - ness tom yam,goreng goreng things,milo and ect ~
stubborn me ! and congrats! (touch wood) .
no more for me !! getting to piss off the illness world out of my body !!

my sick face w/o make up, contact lens. Pure ! and my dark circle is fugly!. ~.~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

its sunday noon, and im back to blogging ! it should be my working day ! but im home sitting infront of the lappie and blog!facebooking,tweeting.. i get sick ! god ! i hate it.. plz get away from my life ! ive been sick for every month ! atlease one months 1 ! a very bad year for me. Nothing else ! i felt bored and im back to blog ! 88