Monday, July 26, 2010

S H O P P I N G D A Y Z Z ~

yeahhooo ~ its my shopping day with MS JoanneChew and her little younger sis at
pavillion and sgwang..
crazy shopping day for me and annz cuz were been long time never shopping ~
not Bad after all at lease we get something not like some other days we went out .
bought short,jeans,speg top and ect... annz get skirt,a charleskeith bag and a jumpsuits .. ?
annz were lucky cuz what she got today is all josh ! awwhhhh ~ so nice ~
aniways its was a great day for me shop along with annz and surely not miss my darling
meet me up later after shop with annz . =D
cant get any shoes again today ~ hmm...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

B o r a A s m a r a

a very nice place , a very relaxing place to be chill around which located at damansara.
went there with my baby and my sis for a dinner.
a thai , malay , balinese, western cuisine.
well, not bad overall but mayb not the western .. =p
thats what i head from my baby ...
there's a band of malay mayb ? which carry their instruments and plays the song for us and
sings along with their bands is great !! well, what u guess ? they going one by one of the customers tables and sang .. either that they looks after which religion you are and sang the song
to you. they sang to us chinese songs man !!! even they are not good in pronounce but i can feel
their friendly, can feel that they are really welcome us...
here are some picture which i search at google. Had not take any pictures from there.
quite regret but it will be the next time for me for sure ...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

N e g l e c t e d

hey ! back from my busy day ~
actually my buzzzy day is just spending my time with my baby ~ =) yeahhhooo ~
you know ? i was been a quite long time never update my blog !
so title of today is N E G L E C T E D ~ haha
well , besides i update my little tiny blog i also makes all my page from my blogie to a brand new !! ~ **jing jing** xD
Ehem ! alright ~ nothing much, just some update here so that my blog have some newwiiieee things ...
and guys ? you know , the past few days i am addicted on FOOTBALL !! gosh !! every night cant
even sleep just watching the world cup match ... S P A I N , S P A I N , S P A I N !! U ARE GEORGEOUS MAN !! but now =.=' my dark circle is AWWWHHHH !!! terrible man !! dont you even meet me up or else u cant sleep (looks zombie here).

Till here peeps ~ will be update soon if free ~ tehehe ~ =]