Friday, March 26, 2010

im just after working ...
damn super jam at kesas ~ =.=' and now im home ... doing nothing , havent bath ...
no one at home ... Issikkk... nothing to do and take picc .. tehehe ...
long time never take personal picture already ...
getting older dy ... omg !
my face is totally change man !! i think i need a facial + trt for my face .... =(
and my hair is getting longer .... yeah !! but still need a long time ... cuz my hair grew up so slow larrr......omg again ~
alright .. thats all for now ... nothing to do so... just blog ... wahaha ... so mou liew ~

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Okays , im here to blog again ,
and i am Sick enough !!
enough of everywhere, everything, everysecond of the suckers sucks besides me .
Yes ! i am damn Fire nwdays . Not much .. everyone knows.
Once again ~ i like to laugh , but not smile . (mayb sometimes) when i smile i looks kinda stupid !
well, thats me .
smile dosent mean happy or like . Mayb its a manner. yES ! i knew it . But ! would u smile when u are force to gaving a fake smile ?? i m sorry !
in front line i used to ... but for friends ... SORRIE lar ...
im just being authentic . and this is who am i .
not i down change , is the same like what you down people change you.
and will u change ??? definitely no.
Some will said yes . Sure but is 3 minutes hot .
Don not ever ask people to do/help for u . They will do ,but not as perfect . Its alright , But the
most mad is the shits that left behind . So , forgive me that i become mad , anger , fire or what shits that u peoples or guys or peeps said me . Thats double work... plz... i rather do it myself...
and ... thanks alots ...
Once again ... when my working time... i was damn super serious ! plz ~ do not put jokes/bother me or i will gave a big shits on your face .
all jokes after complete my duties ....
im not that a person who can jokes around in 12 hour a day within 24 hour .
cuz im a serious person .
no one likes me to behave that . Sure i knoe it for long ago ....
i just doing my own job !
work is working time...
play is fun time ... its diffrent ......
theres nothing goes wrong with me ....
But no ones know it ... schold them not....mad them not ... angry them not....
then ??? keep quiet sometime also get says by people.
keep quiet means i dont feel like talking , once i talk i will get fire !(when i done my things)theory.
Release all my stuff here will be get better ??? hopefully .
i am damn tired right now !
im sad enough ~ do what, said what all also totally wrong ...
mayb im not the one who i consider people. is people consider me .
Enough ... done what all also failure !
included my love life ....
just knew how to making my beloved sad / unhappy / felt bored / felt tired .
neglect him , jealousy ...
cant even makes him happy even when sad. and even cant understand him and what he wants.
ya ! thats me . ginger lee ....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

watch it with my baby on our anniversary eve . =] Not bad ...
picture not been taken on our anniversary ~ just spend a great time with my beloved.
been a bit long never update my bloggie ...
well, been very tired on these passed few days... sleep work , sleep and wake and work ...
the same rotations tue-sun . Awhh ~ ~
Take an Off day on saturday , tot can have a good nice day, but ..... need to wake up early as like working day... and help my sis to done some stuff .... Mm... u know ? my sis baby boy jayden 1 years old celebration man !!! need us to be prepared . aaahhhhh !!! was a very super tired day... just like a maid . Help oso kena get schold. what lar ~ DING EMMM SUNN ERRRR ~~~
Fuhh !! and ~ what i get from my baby biie for our 1st year aniversarry is ~~~

Thank YOU baby biie ~

and Here comes jayden birthday celebration pic ~ not much ...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ T H E E N D ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday, March 14, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ITS ME AND MY BABY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY !!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The story of us ~ Begain with FRIENDS ~
i still remember when the very first time i saw you .
You were serious in all the time , even smile was also cool .
i still remember that time we were not much in talking .
until one of the time we are close ~ i really dont know when its begain on when ~
still remember ~ one of the time i was crying at pantry . childish me just because of some little company things...and you were the one who comfort me.
mayb this is the things who make us get close ~
for all the time you are a very caring guy.
even when i am the trouble or horrible , terrible/ect ...
u are beside .
The starts , i found that you are a intelligent,trustful,caring and a loving person.
u are cute for me baby. ITS REAL ~
i think i started to FALL IN LOVE ♥ with you .
that time i was a odinary girl for you . think too much to have a move on a next step .
there are too many things happen between us of being together . thought theres impossible between us ~
really so down and upsad .
till theres a chance for us .... March ! yes it is ~ the journey that we started begain until now ~ our happy day ! OUR 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY ~

im glad being together with you baby ~ (theres alots of memorable time in my mind being together with you) really still in my mind always.

still remember this picture ??? this is our very first personal picture. (Before being together)
both of us like to cubit cubit . Picture taken by lenneth i think , cuz he always said about us...
(ting ngor dei em sun) cuz cubit lei cubit hui~ =p

and this picture is the 2nd picture of us (already being together)remember where we took this pic?
and the time while we going for jungle tracking ~
the sweet sweet moment between us~~

Clubbing time, my very first experience visit . (baby bring me go) =p

christmas time 09
Genting time , when i was cold you were hug me tight ~gaving me warm .
On cny ... im having a very great new year with you baby.
Baby ???? do you know what is the sweetest things in my heart of me ???
................................................. ??
its on port dickson while on beach side ~ i was drunk and baby was carry me back to apartment.
infront of many people.
(the heavy me for baby). im sorry baby biie ~ ~

And baby ?? do you know what the sad things deep into my heart ???
its when baby mad with me while port dicksons on the apartment . (the msg was deep hurt into my heart) crying like hell .

Theres really alots of memorable things for us right baby ????
i hope our love will never end ~
the shits and the sucks all gones ~
Sometime i might be selfish , sometime might be stupid,sometimes might be keras kepala and sometime i might be neglected baby but gin will promise you !
deeply in my heart .
Baby? please forgive gin that ever done wrong, or said wrong sometime ...
and here i would like to said GINGER LEE LOVE YOU WORMIE CHEW !!!!
baby biie ? (hugs tight) **HAPPY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ =]
u are always by my side no matter what will be happen ~ .

your beloved

Chew YoNg Tattsszzzzz hSE waRming ~
after my working went to mR chew Yong Tattzzzzz (BONE) house.
Along with alanz and shirley .
Was a qUiTe 'tai lung jung' hse warMing ~ with firewoRks , and along with his big sis birthday party ~ =.='
wooootttzzzz !!! was damn sleepy that day . anD my Mood was nOt very ok on that day.
aniway ~ EnjoY =]

Friday, March 12, 2010

This is amazing ~ !!!
is CUTE ~ found this cartoon pic on my Friend Bloggie ~ and i post it here !
well , yup ! u r attract me with this pic ~ lol .
its 18sx ...

Funny right ? =p haha ~ (just a very short post) update coming soon ~

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Its Richie and Joyee birthday celebration ~
nothing much , nwdays was quite busy with my working days ... so kinda update late !
been tired for these few days .... damn super sleepy man !!! ~ my eye cant even OPEN when evening turns ~~
ALRIGHT ~ richie birthday is on thursday , so we decided to go 'seong kin fun' but birthday boy would prefer to dragon-i ... so place are change.
just have some little picture not much ~
well, joyee 21st birthday ~ is at her house . Great u are legal now ! but not less then me ... this year im 21st too ~ ~ !!!! aiiks ... =]
Till here then ... the lazy-ness of me are coming out for blog ~
Pixxie pixxie ~ ~

Yupps~ forget to add two more ~ incoming event again for march *alvin lau birthday ~ and *mr bonebone house warming ~

Wait For my Incoming poSt ~ ~ ~ ; )

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pissing me OFF `


yA peeps , chinese new year and valentines day has been gone .
dont ever mention about valentines day pls!!!
Was quite ' sui ' for a bigginning year both of us . I mean my baby and me ~
(a very big sigh)
Those people are Sucks like shits !! i can't tell u why .
there are just some reasons who someone close with us only know !!
i am damn really mad of it actually !! evertime i think about the problem/ the things/ the person and said about those things i will get FIRE UP !!
not only that ! need to pay up the things that not belongs to us and i really dont know what happen to the small small little tiny things happen , and ! need us to find back the exactly things to cover back and not other ! WTH ~ ~ its all the same what !
what's wrong with u ???
really piss me OFF !!

Alright ~ Second !
MYR 400+ is gone ~ just because of jpk dont know what dbk larrrr ~~ !!!
really 'hak gor mat dao' ~
Hopefully all these bad bad stuff GONE GONE AND GONE .

and Now ~ ~ its MARCH ~~
going to have a great great brand new month . =]
well , lets see whats coming on next ..
1st - Its mr hel birthday on thursday ~~ but not sure he is celebrating or not ...
2nd - its joyee 21st birthday celebration on this coming sunday .
3rd - my elder sis baby , jayden (my ngoi sang) 1 years old celebration .
4th - amy wong , my old old friend married on 23 . might not be attending . (im working) mayb?
5th - and the final is ~ ~ very important and a happy day for me and baby .... Well, it me and
baby 1st year anniversary !!!! YAHOOO !!! =]

its seems so many celebration and parties on MARCH ~ haha
all money bukan main keluar keluar ~ =.='

Oh ! and i wants to share with u peeps , the movie that i watch yesterday THE BOOK OF ELI .
Quite ok . But some part is so disgusting . haha .
And awh ~ ~ the movie is so long .... mayb some part is kinda boring ? so i feel it long ... =.='
well , lame !
alright ` will STOP my post here .