Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stress Out the geram !

LUCKY goes and BAD comes !!

this is what i wana blog out...
dont even know what's wrong with me nwdays..
keep sick, fever , cough, this pain that pain and now my back is pain !
is already 1month almost...what la !
muscle pain or back bone pain i also not very sure...
money keeps gone away just like using water !
1 month already c for almost four times doctor and is not fully recover !
WTF happen to me huh??
once i started to work at my new company its starts... that any unlucky starts ??? or need me tochange job??
i so hate this kind of feeling sick !
western doc or chinese doc? this is keep thinking in my mind for choosing this two doc
just wanted to recover my so call backbone/muscle pain !
some one help me plz...
im so GERAM sososososo much !

*just to release my stress for being sick for so long...
*just ignore ! thank you... arigatou... bye bye !

Sunday, November 27, 2011

SNSD ROCKS the stage !!!

SNSD ROCKS and Hawwtt !!! new songs again... =)) yea yea .. LOL..
mr TAXI TAXI taxi ...

for sure wont forget this also a superr HOOOTTTT songs...