Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A day was just GONE ~

what a day with darling passed fast ~ monday.
been to low yat and settle somethings with darling ~ take almost 2hour. =.='
and having our movie at pavillion. Bodyguard and Assassins. Not bad.
Actually i am not very know about the story, but my darling tell me the story once and i know it.
=.=' paiseh ~ and having our dinner steamboat . AGAIN ~ yeah.. dats my favorite. hahaha.
darling also scare of me . =p well, a day passed damn fast ~ sigh
how come !! ~.~' and a brand new year is comming le. Still 2 days more ..
Err ? where i go with my darling le ? or stay home ?? actually plan to genting . But ... some reasons i cant. So... argghhhh !! Lets thing happen only decide ba. hehe =p

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cindy Birthday Celebrations ~

Cindy birthday is on 28 dec that is on monday actually.
Well, we are celebrating cindy birthday earlier .
same location which is at pepito jln imbi. Lets pixxie pixxie ~ started with the birthday girl ~

Friday, December 25, 2009

Its all about Christmas *

Ding Dong Ding Dong ~ ♫
Its Christmas ~ Finally the day of christmas passed.
What a day of a christmas ...Well, yeaps !! Lets started it on Xmas Eve ~ Where have i been on Christmas Eve ??Aha !! lets see...

Xmas Eve ~
Around 8pm after my dear darling working and fetching me to Ziken house for xmas eve party..actually its just a dinner night ~ and just chill around ~ exchanging xmas present .. joke around ..
erm.. just like reunion day, a gathering day .Ehem ~ while waiting for xmas countdown at 12am, some of them are chilling around and v are having xmas exchange gift . after awhile they are having a gamble night. aiiks !! i am a loser ler ..=.=' Lets picture first.

Christmas Day ~ 25/12/2009

Hanging Out with my lovely darling, around 4 accompany my darling for branch ~ and after that we went for a movie at BJTS. Watch Alvin and the ChipMunks With Chippets .. haha, quite alright .. u should watch it, its so cute and quite funny.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gee gee gee gee baby baby bay ~
Still so like this song ~ xD

HAHA ... and this ~ indian xmas ~ jingle jingle ...
Funny ~

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recently ~

Few days ago went out with emily at midvalley . nothing special , is just a day ~
done something and went home.
Few days ago also, went to pandan indah having branch with emily and his mum.
done something again ~ and went to pavillion . nothing to buy . boring !! thats not me !!
i am a shopaholic , but now i had no feeling on nwdays shopping... haih !! actually wanted to buy something, but dont know what to buy. =(
And yesterday , went genting again ~ with family . cant join alanz birthday party =.='
boring again ~ haih .
Nwdays my feeling and my mood is just like (sitting on the beach hearing the sound of the sea and looking the movement wave of the sea.) One word , BORING !!! haih.
Picture of me recently !!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

De Genting

went up to genting ~ nothing to do actually .. just for fun ~
around 4 went to casino , =.=' huh !! watch people gamble , until for a few hour too
boring and take out some money ~ loose !!! god !! really (hak gor mak tao).
and after while went to coffee terence for buffet dinner again...
missing the delicious salmon fish... almost 4 plate v had eaten... =]
some picture ~ not be taken much..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Storm Warrior II

Storm Warrior II , NOT nice ~
not attrack me at all.. well, at first wanted to watch princess dont know what frog with my darling.. since the time is not the right time for us, so... we change and decided to watch storm warrior...
Haih.. (naik kereta) la really ...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Discharge ~

Yes !! finally, is today !! yup...today friday 11/dec/2009
DISCHARGE ~ thats good. but my darling need rest more more and more at home after a weeks at (H). =.=' no next time kay biie ?? this makes gin worried alots . And love you alots too. Hugs

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moody Day ~

where i have been on these day ??
shopping ? working ? holiday ? NO NO NO !! u r totally wrong...
i am very sad/no mood/emotional/moody/crazy/cry/tired/ and many many negatif feeling i have.
almost everyday i went to see my lovely and his mum.
i am very very worried bout them. Seeing both of them not feel like eat and vomit,stomatch pain,gastrick,this this that that... haih !!!
WHY ?? =( huh !! when will be the end of the stupid sick (D) go away from my lovely ??
i am very stubborn with that just making my darling feel pain !!! arghh !!! SUCKS MAN !!
Luckily darling mum become better after afew days. thank god !! my darling u need to fast fast recover ... (pray) . gin worry darling lots. (hugs tight) .

Friday, December 4, 2009


im very sad about that, why this happen to my dearest ? =,(
i am sorry cant accompany baby to (__) . now i wish baby fast fast recover/get well soon.
baby? i m here forever be with u whenever happen kay ? u r the one who i love always. (hugs tight).

i wan to complain !!! KL traffic is damn super sucks !!! eveyday also like dat . STUPID !!! FAT LAN CHAR NOW !!!!
BLOODY HELL !! always also traffic jam traffic jam...Fxxk man !!
urgent that time really cant do NYTHING.....these traffic is make me damn suck !! i hate it !!! plz do some result out la malaysia/traffic police....do some changes....Do u know kl traffic is jam jam and jam just becuse of u those Fxxkers done NTG !!!!
people sick also become dead people lor... Fxxker !!! Haiiiiihhhhhzzzzz !!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bad December ~ Bad Year ~

nwdays so many people get sick and passed away ...
Cancer la, this la that la ... why ?? what month is this ?? why 1 year by one year the fung sui ~ the enviroment ~ the world ~ and many many things also goes badly ???
Human prob ?? the enviroment not good ?? sigh !! today i was deeply bad mood.. and i am now worried bout my darling... what had happen to u ?? the first time saw baby get blood test when c doctor when u fall sick. i was totally shock when i reach baby house and when my hand touch baby neck and hand. baby was totally damn hot temp.. =,( i dont know want to wrote anything now... my mood now is ... !! huh !! i really dont know hw to express my feeling right now !! and i am pissed off ~ =,( baby.. baby must chang ju ah ... gin love you... gin always by your side... i am really worried bout u my darling... i am sorry because not stay for a long time to accompany baby for the night...
IM SORRY ... baby promise gin must be recover very fast and soon k ?? baby ? gin hearts u ... (pray)

Belated Updated Aya little baby birthday ~

November ~ was aya little baby birthday ~
darling friends .. went to errr... forget where already... aya house ..
after my working at TF around 9 that time and my darling fetch me.
nothing special. Pictures from aya camera ~ ..